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Key points for debugging of automatic placement machine

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After the placement program of electronic product circuit board is completed and optimized, it is necessary to run the program on the automatic placement machine for placement production. The ideal state is that after the product program is loaded into the controller of the machine, and the components have been installed according to the feeder loading list, then the full-automatic placement machine can start stable and continuous batch production.

1、 Parameters in component database of automatic placement machine 

When the automatic placement machine starts programming, sometimes there is no sample of circuit board and components, so it can only be programmed through the data such as the mounting graphics of circuit board. Due to the fact that some components are not standard components, the same component data can not be found in the standard database, so it may be difficult for the newly built component database to achieve the purpose of correction through identification, such as the characteristics of components for identification, the selection of suction nozzle, the setting of phase recognition light, the selection of feeder and the direction of components.

2、 Component placement coordinates on automatic placement machine

When making the program of the automatic placement machine, sometimes the original coordinate data of the circuit board can not be obtained. The coordinates in the program are obtained by the program machine or by the program of other machines. When debugging the automatic placement machine, sometimes the PCB coordinate data is only the component mounting coordinate, but not the reference point coordinate.

3、 The model and direction of the feeder of automatic placement machine

When making the placement program of automatic placement machine, there are often no samples of components and packages. When determining the type of feeder and the direction of components, we need to rely on previous experience. There is a discrepancy between the reclaiming center of some components and the feeder by default, so the reclaiming position of the feeder of this component needs to be corrected and modified.

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