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Causes and Countermeasures of SMT Mounter overturning

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SMT Mounter SMT component side up flip refers to the component is attached to the PCB corresponding pad, but the component lateral rotation of 90 ° or 180 ° this is side up, flip refers to the SMT component back up, front down. These are all due to SMT Mounter mounting failure, the following Changheng Mounter with you to analyze SMT Mounter flip side causes and countermeasures.

The reason of SMT Mounter overturning and side standing

1. It is easy to cause side standing or overturning when the component thickness is set incorrectly or is put down without touching the PCB pad.

2. When the placement machine picks up the pieces, the excessive pressure will cause the feeder to vibrate, which will overturn the components in the next hole.

3. The vacuum of the suction nozzle of the placement machine is opened or closed prematurely, which causes the components to stand on the side or turn over.

4. If the suction nozzle of the placement machine is worn or partially blocked, the components will stand on the side or turn over.

5. PCB deformation is serious, the absolute depression is more than 0.5mm.

In short, the two kinds of defects of component side standing and overturning are mainly related to the mounting process.

SMT Mounter flip side should take corresponding measures according to the specific reasons

1. Set the correct component height.

2. Adjust the pick-up height of z-axis of the pasting head.

3. Adjust the opening or closing time of suction nozzle vacuum.

4. Regular inspection and maintenance of suction nozzle.

5. Support PCB well.

SMT Mounter flip side up phenomenon, generally occurs in the model 0603, 0402, 0201 and other small size chip components.

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