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Simultaneous interpreting of different sensors in SMT

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Since the placement machine industry was introduced into China in the late 1980s, it gradually became bigger and stronger in the mid-1990s. At this stage, China has become the world's leading placement machine market. If we shorten the operation time of the placement machine and accelerate the conversion time, developing components with multiple pins and fine spacing will become a major challenge for domestic placement machines.

SMT Mounter sensor is one of the important parts of the mounter, which can determine the location area, image, pressure of the target parts. Although different sensors have different functions, they largely determine the overall performance. This article introduces the functions and functions of each sensor of SMT Mounter.

1、 Pressure sensor

In the multi-functional placement machine, including various cylinders and vacuum generators, there are certain requirements for air pressure. If the pressure is lower than the equipment, the machine will not work properly. The pressure sensor always monitors the pressure. If there is any abnormality, give a warning in time and urge the operator to deal with it in time.

2、 Position sensor

SMT placement machine has strict requirements for position, including real-time detection of head and table motion, counting of PCB board, transmission and positioning of printed circuit board, and movement of auxiliary mechanism. The determination of these positions needs to be transmitted through various forms of position sensors.

3、 Image sensor

The CCD image sensor is mainly used to collect all kinds of necessary image signals, such as the size of the equipment, the position of the PCB board, etc. the chip head can adjust the workpiece setting

4、 Laser sensor

Laser has been widely used in mounter, which is helpful to determine the coplanarity of the device leads. When the measured device moves to the monitoring position of the laser sensor, the light beam from the laser shines on the IC terminal and is reflected by the laser reader. If the length of the reflected beam is the same as that of the outgoing beam, the coplanarity of the device is acceptable. If they are different, bending upward will lengthen the reflected beam, and the laser sensor will recognize that the lead of the component is defective.

5、 Area sensor

When the mounter is working, in order to ensure the safety of the mounter, sensors are usually installed in the movement area of the seat, and the photoelectric principle is used to monitor the working space to prevent the damage of foreign matters.

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