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What are the accuracy indicators of SMT placement machines?

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In SMT surface mount technology, accuracy is a crucial parameter. The accuracy of SMT placement involves many aspects such as the positioning accuracy, repetition accuracy and resolution of the placement machine. These accuracy indicators directly determine the accuracy and production efficiency of electronic component placement. Next, Charmhigh Electromechanical will discuss with you the accuracy indicators of SMT placement machines. Friends who are interested can learn about it together.

What are the accuracy indicators of SMT placement machines?

First, let’s talk about the positioning accuracy of the placement machine. Positioning accuracy refers to the deviation between the actual placement position and the set position when the placement machine is placing components. The size of this deviation directly affects the quality and performance of the product. There are two main factors that affect placement accuracy: translation error and rotation error. The translation error mainly comes from the X-Y axis positioning system, while the rotation error is related to the accuracy of the component centering mechanism. Therefore, in the SMT placement process, it is crucial to ensure the positioning accuracy of the placement machine.

Secondly, it is the repeatability accuracy of the placement machine. Repeatability refers to the deviation between each placement position when the placement machine places the same coordinate position multiple times. This indicator can reflect the stability and reliability of the placement machine during continuous operation. Generally speaking, the placement machine expresses its repeatability accuracy through sample accuracy. Therefore, when choosing a placement machine, we need to pay attention to its repeatability performance. At the same time, in order to improve repeatability, we need to regularly calibrate and maintain the placement machine to ensure the stability and accuracy of the mechanical components. Use high-quality components and consumables to reduce placement errors caused by component inconsistencies. Optimize the placement procedure to ensure the consistency of each placement action.

Finally, what we need to understand is the resolution of the placement machine. Resolution refers to the minimum number of degrees that the R-axis of the placement head can rotate after the placement machine receives the pulse command signal. The resolution of current advanced placement machines has reached 0.0024/pulse. Higher resolution means the placement machine is more precise when making small adjustments, thereby improving placement accuracy.

In short, the accuracy of SMT placement is one of the important indicators to measure the performance of the placement machine. Understanding and paying attention to these accuracy indicators will help us better select and use placement machines, thereby improving the production efficiency and quality of SMT placement.

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