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How to maintain led mounter

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The service condition of LED Mounter will gradually deteriorate with the increase of service life. At this time, the coordination of various parts will naturally produce varying degrees of wear and looseness. If the replacement of lubricating oil inside the LED mounter is not complete, or the moisture and oil in the gas path, dust and other problems caused by improper environmental control, it will also cause a lot of dust and scale inside the machine. If the targeted maintenance is not carried out in time for these cases, then the normal work of the LED Mounter will be affected, and even there will be problems It may cause excessive wear of some parts, and even lead to serious accidents.

Daily maintenance of LED Mounter:

1. Pay attention to the suction nozzle clamp, check the buffer action, if the action is not smooth, apply a thin layer of lubricant, if the clamp is loose, tighten it.

2. Move the lens to clean the dust and residue on the lens. Check the Y-axis and X-axis screw, check the screw for debris or residue, and clean it if necessary. Check the W-axis lead screw for debris or residue, clean the air interface if necessary, check the Y-ring and O-ring for aging, and replace them if necessary.

3. Monthly inspection of this part should be carried out according to the type of nozzle and nozzle changing station. Part name process Note move the lens led to check whether each LED is bright enough. If not, replace the whole LED part.

4. The O-ring used for each suction nozzle shaft shall be inspected, and it shall be replaced in time in case of aging.

5. Wipe the dust and residue off the x-axis lead screw and apply a thin layer of grease by hand.

6. Wipe off dust and residue from Y-axis guide rail and apply a thin layer of grease by hand.

7. Check the action of z-axis rack and gear. If necessary, apply a thin layer of lubricant on the rack transmission parts by hand.

8. Check the wear and tightness of R-axis drive belt, replace the belt or adjust the tightness if necessary.

9. Wipe the dust and residue from the W-axis lead screw, apply a thin layer of grease by hand, and check whether the solenoid valve can work normally. Check the belt for wear and tightness, and replace the belt or high speed belt if necessary.

For the maintenance of LED mounter, it is necessary to clean the dust and scale on the surface of the machine and circuit board, so as to avoid poor internal heat dissipation of the machine due to dust and scale, resulting in overheating of electrical parts and burning out; it is necessary to remove and clean the internal gas circuit, solenoid valve, vacuum generating device, cylinder, etc; If the oil dirt in the gas path can not be cleaned in time, it will block the gas path, which will also cause the gas path is not smooth, and eventually cause high throwing material; Even there may be accumulation of oil in the gas path will corrode the solenoid valve, vacuum generating device, cylinder and other types of internal sealing rings and components, which will eventually lead to the damage of components, and ultimately seriously affect the normal use of the machine.


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