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Basic operation points of placement machine

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1. SMT placement machine is a customized SMT deployment device specially designed for patch processing industry. Various sensors with rich functions transmit the data of functional programs to the computer for processing, ensuring the stability and reliability of all deployment processes. Some products do not have high precision for batch processor, but require high speed. Therefore, SMT Mounter must be repaired according to scientific methods and technical specifications. Desktop mounter, led mounter, domestic mounter

2. The SMT Mounter speed must be achieved, and the batch speed of minimum time is more than 18000 points.

3. SMT Mounter can place PCB with length at least 1200mm.

4. The user-friendly operation method is easy to learn, which can reduce the operation time of batch machines. The wrong operation in the process of the machine will reduce the performance and quality of the product. Batch machine production line is divided into automatic and semi-automatic batch machine. Semi automatic needs two people, automatic only needs one person to manage. Save human resources.

5. Yasukuni machine can attach resistance, capacitor, IC, BGA, QFP, CFP, BGA and other components.

6, can add 0402-40mm IC components, patch speed up to 15000cph.

In addition to the basic characteristic process, batch processor is also the core equipment of SMT production process. Because efficient productivity and stable performance have brought great benefits to our production. The use of batch machine can greatly improve production efficiency and provide customers with high quality products. Desktop mounter, led mounter, domestic mounter

1. On batch machines, you must be familiar with the general display labels of batch machines.

2. Before starting the batch machine, the operator must do a comprehensive inspection of the machine

3. The batch boot order must be strictly enforced.

4. Solve positive problems of batch machines in time.

Long time operation batch machine will inevitably cause damage to the machine, to regularly do a good job in machine maintenance and troubleshooting. To do a good job in the maintenance and inspection of the machine, timely find problems, solve problems. Desktop mounter, led mounter, domestic mounter

As long as we dip the sample to be measured in anhydrous alcohol before putting it into the water tank to dissolve the oil on the surface, the bubbles on the surface can be effectively removed.

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