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Product introduction of desktop Mounter in 2020

Publish time:2021-03-04 10:55:28   Views:

Hunan charmhigh electromechanical Co., Ltd. provides high-performance, high-quality and practical desktop Mounter with high technology, high speed, high precision and practical function, which is suitable for high-precision, small batch and multi variety SMT production line.

It is a multifunctional small Mounter with a wide range of applications. It can mount almost all SMD components. It has a new line of flight vision alignment system built in. It can pick up and place 0.6 mm x 0.3 mm (0201) to 16 mm x 14 mm components at the same time, process component alignment and save travel time. In addition, it can be equipped with high-precision visual alignment system for picking up and putting extra small components (such as 01005) or extra large components (such as 0.5mm foot distance QFP and BGAs).

In terms of mounting speed, it is very high-speed, up to 3000cph per hour. It can be called high-speed mounting speed in small mounter, and can fully meet the needs of R & D trial production, multi variety and small batch SMT production line.

SMT desktop Mounter features:

1. The flight vision alignment system can process the alignment of components while picking up components, effectively saving time and improving production efficiency.

2. Two 32-bit feeders can be installed on both sides for different components.

3. Three standard 316mm × 136mm JEDEC matrix IC disks can be installed.

4. DP-4 dispensing system is selected to realize rapid sample production without steel mesh and solder paste on pad.

5. High precision visual alignment system is selected for extra small components (such as 01005) or extra large components (such as 0.5mm pitch QFP and BGAs).

6. According to the actual needs of customers with a variety of accessories, such as belt automatic feeder, strip automatic feeder, scattered components disk, IC tray, bulk belt tray and so on.

7. Suitable for high precision small batch production and scientific research and production of small machines.

Main technical parameters of desktop Mounter:

Quantity of mounting head: 1;

Mounting speed: 3000cph;

Number of feeders (8mm): 64;

Number of IC disks: 3;

PCB size: no IC disk: larger 320 × 415mm, using one IC disk: larger 320 × 270mm;

Component size: flight alignment: smaller 0.6 × 0.3mm, larger 16 × 14mm, visual alignment (option): smaller 0.4 × 0.2mm, larger 150 × 100mm;

Accuracy: ± 0.05mm;

Power: 1200W;

Machine size: 825mm × 1060MM × 590mm (length × width × height);

Machine weight: 165 kg.

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