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How to improve SMT placement efficiency

Publish time:2021-03-04 11:04:55   Views:

There are many factors that affect SMT processing efficiency. For example, if the overall production is to be carried out, SMT Mounter production line can greatly improve the production speed, but the operating cost will also increase accordingly. At present, the fierce competition in the electronic industry is far more serious than we think. How to improve the SMT placement efficiency and obtain customer satisfaction under the configuration of the existing production line is the top priority. So, what methods can improve the SMT placement rate?

SMT Mounter production line is mainly composed of screen printing machine, high-speed mounter, multifunctional mounter, reflow machine and AOI automatic detector. If two mounters work together to complete a patch, it will affect the patch efficiency

1. Load balancing. The number of patch components of two SMT mounters is reasonably allocated to achieve load balancing and make the placement time of two SMT mounters equal.

2. SMT Mounter itself. As we all know, SMT Mounter itself has the maximum mounting speed value, but it is not easy to achieve this value. It has a certain relationship like x / y structure mounter, and takes the measure of picking up as many heads as possible. On the other hand, in the placement process, the same type of components are put together to reduce the number of parts when picking up the nozzle and save the placement time.

In fact, there are many devices involved in the whole production process of SMT Mounter production line, but if any equipment runs too slowly in the processing, it will delay the overall time of the mounter and affect the actual process realization, which requires that we not only need scientific and systematic theoretical guidance in the operation process, but also need the rich experience of on-site operators to achieve the maximum Our expectations.

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