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Maintenance and inspection of SMT Mounter

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In some European and American countries, their maintenance principles for SMT Mounter are: daily maintenance, small maintenance in January, large maintenance in the first quarter, and big renovation a year ago. Although it increases a lot of work, we have to admit that the production efficiency has been improved in this mode. This article also talks about SMT Mounter maintenance and inspection.

1、 Strengthen the daily maintenance of SMT placement machine

SMT placement machine is a very complex high-tech high-precision machinery, the working environment temperature, humidity and cleaning requirements are still very high. We'd better carry out daily, weekly, monthly and semi annual maintenance of SMT placement machine in strict accordance with the requirements of equipment regulations.

2、 Requirements for SMT Mounter operators

A. The operators must have certain SMT professional knowledge and technical training.

B. Operate in strict accordance with the operation procedures of SMT placement machine. When there is a problem with the equipment, it is absolutely not allowed to "go to battle with injuries". It should be stopped in time and reported to the technical director or equipment service director. Use it after eliminating the problem

C. Staff must be focused.

1) The eye is diligent. Observe whether there is any abnormality in the operation of SMT Mounter. For example, the reel does not move, the plastic tape is broken, and the pasting position is incorrect.

2) I'm diligent. The ear always pays attention to whether there is abnormal sound when SMT placement machine is running. For example, installation head abnormal sound, missing parts abnormal sound, transmitter abnormal sound, scissors abnormal sound, etc.

3) Hands work. The abnormal phenomenon of SMT Mounter should be solved immediately. For some small faults such as connecting plastic belt, reassembling feeder, correcting the position of SMT Mounter, indexing and so on, experienced staff can solve them by themselves. However, if SMT Mounter machine and circuit failure, please be sure to entrust maintenance personnel to check.

3、 Develop measures to reduce or avoid errors

In the SMT placement process, the most common errors and shortcomings are paste errors, incorrect device and paste position. Therefore, the following measures should be taken to prevent.

A. After the feeder is programmed, the number position of the feeder rack will be changed. Whether the part value is consistent with the part value of the corresponding feeder number in the programming table depends on the person who needs to check. If not, it needs to be modified.

B. For the belt feeder of SMT Mounter, someone must check whether the value of the new plate is correct when the material is taken out after each plate is mounted.

C. After the patch is programmed, it must be edited once to check whether the component number, rotation angle and installation position of the installation head are correct.

D. Each batch of SMT Mounter products are inspected by the person in charge after the first batch of PCB is mounted. If any problem is found, the modification procedure shall be adopted immediately.

E. SMT Mounter installation process, often check the installation position is not correct, not many missing parts and so on. Find out the cause immediately.

F. Set up inspection station before welding. In other words, SMT Mounter installation speed and accuracy is certain. How to play the role of machine? The human element is very important. It is necessary to formulate practical and effective rules and regulations and management measures to ensure and maintain the normal operation of SMT Mounter and ensure the installation quality and efficiency.

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