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Common faults and treatment measures of desktop mounter

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Common faults and treatment measures of desktop Mounter desktop mounter is a kind of equipment based on STM surface mount technology to accurately place surface mount components on PCB pad. It is like a machine that can accomplish this behavior mechanically, which not only simplifies the workload of manual welding, but also improves the accuracy. In the process of using the desktop mounter, if the operation is improper, it can affect the work, and even cause equipment failure. We can divide the protection and treatment of fault site into three situations.

1. Desktop Mounter has abnormal performance in operation. For example: abnormal sound, peculiar smell, overheated motor, etc., the shutdown method can be adopted and the engineer or technician on the line can be informed to deal with it.

2. After the desktop Mounter breaks down in the process of operation, there will be no further harm to the product or personnel. If the motor is stuck, it will be unable to perform the normal execution action, the moving parts will be damaged or have impact, abnormal crimping, control computer crash, etc. The on-site operator shall stop all operations related to the equipment and inform the on-line engineer or technician immediately after protecting the site.

3. After the failure of the desktop Mounter in operation, it may cause further harm to the product or human body. Such as: cleaning machine card board, in and out board machine card board, ICT line card board, automatic container operation does not stop, line leakage, etc., the site operator should press the emergency stop switch (turn off the power), protect the site and immediately inform the line engineer or technician to deal with it.

With the development of industrial automation technology, the desktop Mounter has gradually developed from the early low-speed mechanical Mounter to the high-speed centering mounter, and has made unprecedented development in the three aspects of multi-function, flexible connection and modularization. At present, it has developed into a very popular technology in the electronic assembly industry, occupies an irreplaceable position in the electronic assembly industry, and has a very wide range of applications.

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